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Hello World!

And so it begins… Welcome to – a blog about business, technology (IT), and security. I decided to start my own IT blog for several reasons:

1) Numerous independent blogs have helped me with obstacles I have faced while working as an IT professional.

2) I thought it would be useful to contribute solutions I come across for various challenges I face.

3) I enjoy writing and what better a field to write about than those in which I have expertise.

I have been developing three web sites over the last several weeks:

This blog –
My own IT consultancy – ITegrity Solutions
And my DJ web site –

I have done a fair amount of web development for myself and others over the years and encountered some interesting challenges along the way. Way back in the day, I created sites with static content and developed good skills in HTML. With WordPress powering 30% of the web, web development is an entirely different game and presents new challenges.

The first challenge I encountered was figuring out what theme or framework I wanted to use. I have long maintained a subscription to Elegant Themes and played with a number of different themes, none of which I could really get to work for me in short order.

I ended up embracing the Divi theme for these sites and couldn’t be happier with the results. One of the challenges I faced while developing these sites was incorporating pictures and graphics. Most of the graphics I have been working worth are high-resolution images and needed resizing in order to display properly.

I don’t have Photoshop or any other major package at my disposal. Even though Microsoft has thrown in additional tools to manipulate graphics with Windows 10, I have never been fond of them. As I scoured the web to find I was surprised to find how many web sites are inherently capable of resizing graphics or manipulating them in other ways.

I came across two web sites that really helped me:

1) (for single images)
2) (for multiple images)

I used both tools for their various purposes – resizing a single image or numerous images, without fail, to conform to my specific development needs. I look forward to further embracing the web for solutions that one traditionally had to download an app or software. There are pros and cons to this approach, but this solution worked well for me. Thus I wanted to share a solution that addressed a problem I had to address.

I hope these sites are of value to you. Thank you for reading and again, welcome to!